There are some numbers in your personal Numerology that influence you more strongly than others. Because these numbers are so impactful, they are called “core numbers.” These five numbers are central to your being. Derived directly from either your birth date or birth name, your core numbers last your entire life and will never change. Learn about each of these numbers now and see how they influence your life!

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Core numbers based on your birth date

The day you were born is the exact day you were meant to enter the world. Even if you were born far before or after your due date or your due date was planned, the actual day of your birth is significant because it is when your life journey began. The number energy at play on this day is imprinted on you for your lifetime.

Life Path number

Your Life Path number is not only the most important of the core numbers, it’s the most important number in your whole Numerology chart. It is just as it sounds: a number that represents the path you are on in this lifetime. It reveals the person you are destined to become and the challenges you may be faced with in order to learn and grow into that person. Understanding the meaning of your Life Path number helps you see why things happen the way they do and gives you the power to move through any situation with purpose and intention.

A Life Path number can be any single-digit number 1-9, or one of the Master Numbers: 11, 22, and 33. Each number carries a different energy, so you’ll need to calculate your personal number in order to see how it plays out in your life. Your Life Path number is calculated using your complete birth date, but it’s important that it’s calculated a certain way to get the correct number.

Birthday number

Your Birthday number is the easiest number to calculate in all your Numerology. In fact, there’s no calculation needed! It is simply the day of the month on which you were born, so it can be any number 1-31. While double-digit numbers are normally reduced to single digits in Numerology, in this case, they stay double digits.

Every Birthday number carries a different energy that influences a person’s natural gifts. Your number can tell you about a certain talent you are blessed with that is of great benefit to yourself and the world. This gift is meant to help you on your life path.

Core numbers based on your birth name

From the perspective of Numerology, the name you were given at birth is no accident — it is the exact name that was intended for you and for this phase of your soul’s journey. There are three core numbers that are based on your name and it’s important you use your complete birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, even if was changed later for any reason.

Expression number

Your Expression number — sometimes also referred to as your “Destiny number” — influences your personal strengths and also your challenges. It helps you identify what you’re best at and where you struggle, so you know where to focus your energies. Your Expression number can be any digit 1-9, or you could have a Master Number 11, 22, or 33 as your Expression.

To calculate your Expression number, AKA your Destiny number, you use all the letters of your full name at birth. Every letter A-Z corresponds to a single-digit number, so to find your Expression, you add up all the numbers in your name, then reduce them to a single-digit or Master Number.

Personality number

The side of yourself that you show to the world is reflected by your Numerology Personality number. It’s a lot like your Ascendant in Astrology — it doesn’t represent every aspect of your personality, but the traits that you choose to share with others. This number also reveals the type of first impression you make and how other people perceive you.

Your Personality number is calculated using your full name at birth, but in this case, only the consonants. As with all the core numbers in Numerology, this number could be any single digit 1-9 or a Master Number.

Soul Urge number

Your Soul Urge number is just as it sounds: it represents what your heart yearns for most. In fact, some numerologists refer to it as the Heart’s Desire number, but there is no difference in its meaning. The Soul Urge is what motivates your ideals, your decisions, and your dreams. While the Personality number is something you show to everybody, the Soul Urge is something closer to your heart that you share only with those who are worthy.

Your Soul Urge number is derived from your full birth name, but now you disregard the consonants and only use the vowels. This core number can be any digit 1-9 or any of the Master Numbers.

Numerology Numbers 1-9

In Numerology, the nine single-digit numbers are the building blocks of the study of Numerology. These numbers in Numerology represent a specific set of character traits, symbolism (spiritual or otherwise), and meaning. In fact, it’s almost like each of them has their own unique personality!

Your Biorhythm has been hidden until now…

By understanding the meaning of these numbers in Numerology, we can better understand the profound messages they are sending us, especially when they show up in our chart or throughout our lives.

With almost every calculation we do in Numerology, we reduce down to a single digit. And while there are some exceptions, such as Master Numbers or an Angel number, we will almost always continue to reduce until we get down to one of these single digits.

There are a number of places where these single-digit Numerology numbers can show up:

  • Life Path number
  • Name Numerology
  • Soul Urge number
  • Expression number
  • Birth Date number
  • Numerology compatibility
  • Destiny number

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