Many numbers have been worn and displayed by sporting celebrities but have you ever wondered about these numbers and the influence they have on the people wearing them. 

Perhaps you have asked yourself ‘why are they wearing number 44? Well we’re going to take a look at the meaning of this important number and how it may have influenced those who wear it. 

Who Wears Number 44? 

Plenty of sports players, and professional athletes have worn the number 44 jersey. Baseball player Reggie Jackson wore the 44 jersey for the Yankees, while Hank Aaron, one of the sport’s best, wore the number for the Atlanta Braves. 

NFL players to wear the number 44 include John Riggins and Leroy Kelly while basketball players Jerry West and Pete Maravich also wore this number. 

Seven time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton runs with 44 on his car, despite being eligible for the privilege of using number one. 

So why do these professional athletes and sports stars wear number 44? In the case of Lewis Hamilton, it was the number he had on his kart when he first started his career. He chose the number because it was the license number of his father’s car. 

For Reggie Jackson, John Riggins, Jerry West and their colleagues they didn’t get to choose their number but were assigned it. 

Number 44 Meaning In Numerology

To fully understand this number it is necessary to look at the number 4 and what that represents. Number 4 symbolizes determination, patience and self-expression. It also means a solid foundation, loyalty and completion. 

The number 4 represents the four cardinal directions, north, south, east and west. It tells us to pay attention to the direction we are moving in but also to keep an eye on the present. 

When the number 4 is repeated, as in 44 the power of the number is also doubled. In numerology 44 is related to accomplishing goals and achievements. In particular, it is about business, building for the future and financial success. 

Number 44 is a reminder that working hard produces results and leads to success. 

It can also be thought of as the number 8 which has a strong vibrational connection to material gain and achievement. So whatever way you look at the number 44 it symbolizes great rewards. 

Angel Number 44

The number 44 is a symbol from the divine of guidance and protection. Your angels, particularly your guardian angel, are blessing and protecting you in every aspect of your life.

It represents the positive energy that is around you and which will fortify you. 

With this number appearing frequently in your life it can be a sign that you are on the right path in your life.

This is particularly important if you have been doubting your decisions and whether or not you made the right choices. 

It is possible that those who wore a number 44 jersey or displayed the number on their car were also being guided and this is the reason for their success. 

The number can also be a symbol of turmoil in your life and now the angels are giving you the opportunity to experience stability.

By removing chaos the angels are allowing you to focus on what you want to achieve so that you have a better chance of success. 

Meaning Of 44 In The Bible

The number 44 is rooted in the number 4 which is significant in the Bible.  On the fourth day God created light marking the distinction between day and night. There are the four rivers of Paradise and four living creatures in the vision of Ezekiel. 

In the Book of Revelation four angels of destruction were loosed on the earth. The New Testament comprises four gospels and the number four was used frequently in the measurement of the Tabernacle and Solomon’s temple. 

Forty is a sacred number in the bible, referencing the flood, the Exodus from Egypt and the number of days Jesus fasted in the desert. 

Symbolism Of Number 44

Encountering the number 44 can mean that you are ready to move forward in your life. This may mean leaving behind anything or anyone that could be holding you back from fulfilling your true purpose in life. 

In your professional or financial life this may mean starting a new business or expanding an existing one. Seeing the number 44 is encouraging you to take this chance now or risk losing out on the opportunity. 

The number 44 can also have implications for your romantic life. It can mean that it is time to create a greater level of intimacy and that your relationship is moving forward at a faster pace than previously. 

It may be difficult to adjust to this change but is necessary to build a strong foundation for the future of your relationship.

The number 44 can indicate that a partner may not be communicating with you as openly as they could and may be distancing themselves. 

How To Apply The Number 44 To Your Life

The number 44 often appears during times of reflection in your life and presents the perfect opportunity to sit back and think about your life up to this point. 

It gives you the chance to consider what is important to you and whether things have remained the same or changed over the course of your life. Perhaps there are things that you have left undone or unaccomplished and may want to correct at this time. 

You may also be encouraged to look at your successes and what has gone right for you. It is important to acknowledge your achievements and not focus solely on anything that you feel has been a failure. 

Positive thinking is a key component of the number 44 and one which most successful professional athletes and sports stars subscribe to. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed this guide to the number 44 and the reason why some people may wear it.

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